Hong Kong is an evergreen destination, and you can visit this beautiful place any time of the year. That being said, it would be easier, more worthwhile to visit Hong Kong at specific times of the year because the weather shifts quickly from hot to cold.

This article covers the most exciting events, the best time to shop, and the things to do in Hong Kong. Keep reading!

Hong Kong Monthly Weather

January—Chilly and Dry:

Weather in January is the coldest. Although it doesn’t snow during this month, the average temperature hovers from 15°C to 23°C. People used to the northern climates, however, can glide through January. This month is best for outdoor tours as the place remains dry throughout the month. Pack warm clothes if you are planning your trip during this month.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During January: 23°C

Average Precipitation: 21 mm

February—Faint Drizzles:

You can expect the February weather to be much like January. The highest temperature goes up to 25°C. This month, it drizzles at 33 mm on average. During nights the temperature drops to 14°C, which is quite manageable with a sweater on. February nights are good for exploring the city.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During February: 25°C

Precipitation: 33 mm

March—Early Spring:

March weather in Hong Kong is like early spring. The temperature remains comfortable, ranging from 18°C to 28°C. You can happily step outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. You do not need heavy clothes and may manage well with short-sleeved tops.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During March: 28°C

Average Precipitation: 44 mm

April—Mildly Warm:

The temperature rises from 20°C to 25°C during the month of April in Hong Kong. This is the perfect time for an outing in the city. The weather may sometimes ambush you with rain. So along with packing shorts, carry a light sweater and an umbrella too.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During April: 29°C

Average Precipitation: 113 mm

May—Hot and Wet:

Hong Kong has a short springtime. In the first half of May, the humidity rises, and the temperature hits 31°C. It becomes a bit difficult to plan things during these days where the sun is harsh. The second half of the month is typhoon season. It pours heavily during these fifteen days. Our suggestion is packing summer wear, a jacket, and an umbrella.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During May: 31°C

Average Precipitation: 155 mm


June is one of the wettest months in Hong Kong. The precipitation increases to 238 mm. You will also experience balmy days during this month with mercury fluctuating between 28°C and 31°C. We recommend getting both your monsoon gear and summer wear along with you.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During June: 31°C

Average Precipitation: 238 mm

July—More Rain and Sun:

July weather in Hong Kong is an exaggeration of June’s; you will experience more of sun and rain. Some days the temperature reaches a whopping 34°C. Brace yourself for Hong Kong weather in July. Carry sunscreen, umbrella, deo, and an all-weather pair of shoes.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During July: 32°C

Average Precipitation: 252 mm

August—Thunderstorms and Typhoons:

August is the wettest month in Hong Kong. The city is lashed by thunderstorms and typhoons throughout this month. Despite the rains, humidity remains high. It becomes next to impossible to explore Hong Kong in this type of weather.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During August: 32°C

Average Precipitation: 166 mm


Summer is the best time of the year to visit Hong Kong. The clear skies make way for the best vacation experience. The humidity absorbs the raindrops, allowing you to explore the outdoors. September is probably the best month to be in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During September: 31°C

Average Precipitation: 166 mm


Octobers in Hong Kong are pleasant. By this time, the rains are gone and the sun shows benevolence. This is the time of the year to cruise the streets of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During October: 26°C

Average Precipitation: 41 mm


The weather in Hong Kong this time around is lovely. With the beginning of autumn, the humidity drops and the temperatures are back to normal, making it a perfect time to visit Hong Kong. As the temperature drops, you need to add more layers to your clothes. It hardly rains, so you won’t need an umbrella.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During November: 24°C

Average Precipitation: 22 mm

December—Winter Is Coming:

Winter in Hong Kong begins in December. The weather becomes dry, the temperature fluctuates, and the skies are clear during this month. Days are warmer and nights are cooler in December. You can put on warm clothes to brave the cold and enjoy the glory of the city.

Hong Kong’s Average Max Temperature During December: 20°C

Average Precipitation: 21 mm

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong and Events

Hong Kong Events in January:

The New Year in Hong Kong is exciting and colorful. The Dragon and Lion Dance in the New Year’s parade is worth watching. The New Year’s Day Racehorse racing is exhilarating to watch.

On New Year’s Eve, Hong Kong Marathon, an international sporting event, is a sensational event that hosts over seventy thousand participants.

The Chinese New Year is the most happening event in Hong Kong. It falls in the month of January, and the date may vary as it follows the lunisolar calendar. The highlight of the event is the parade near Victoria Harbour. Marching bands, dancers, skaters, and jugglers light the eve with their performances.

The entire city closes down to celebrate their New Year. The event ends with fireworks burned over the waters.

Hong Kong Events in February:

Each year, the Hong Kong Arts Festival starts in late February and runs throughout March. Local and international artists perform operas, symphonies, and ballets. Hong Kong has successfully hosted this event for over forty years.

Spring Lantern Festival is held annually on the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year. As a part of this festival, the city is adorned with colorful lanterns. If you are in Hong Kong, most of the lanterns are red in color because it is a Chinese belief that red is a color of fortune. To make the most of the festival, you need to visit Tsim Sha Tsui at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza.

New Year celebrations stretch to February and are celebrated as Hong Kong Well Wishing Festival. In this festival, locals gather at Lam Tsuen where well-wishing lanterns are released.

Hong Kong Events in March:

Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair is held in early March. The fair is celebrated as a tribute to the god of the sea—Hung Shing. You can expect colorful festivities on this day in Hong Kong.

Asia’s oldest film festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival kicks off during mid-March. The film festival is noted as the most important cultural event in Hong Kong. Actors, directors, the elite international film fraternity, and fans attend this prestigious film festival. If you are in Hong Kong in March, don’t miss this magnanimous film fest.

Hong Kong Events in April:

Ching Ming Festival is celebrated at the start of the spring in late March or early April. On this day, people visit their ancestors’ crypts and offer food. Joss sticks and incense are burned as a part of the ritual.

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is where the world rugby players come to Beijing to play rugby. This annual rugby tournament has a huge fan following. The tournament usually takes place in early April. The Hong Kong Stadium hosts all the matches of the tournament. Massive screens are held outside the Charter Garden.

People raise party tents and enjoy the match while lying down in the garden. Parades are held before and after matches, entertaining the public and the players.

Tin Hau’s Birthday—goddess of the sea—is celebrated on the twenty-third day of the third month in the lunar calendar, end of April or early May. The celebrations are held in more than sixty Tin Hau Temples in Hong Kong. Lion and dragon dances, parades, and music are part of the Tin Hau’s Birthday celebration.

Hong Kong Events in May:

The first of May marks Labor Day and is the best day of the year in Hong Kong for exquisite shopping. Since it is a public holiday, you can expect huge crowds at parks and malls.

Le French May is a day of celebrating everything about French. From the past two decades, this event has been a huge success. Starting from early May, the event runs through June. Events like classical dances, movies, theater, opera, circus, and more are held at different venues. You can expect food and fashion vendors at the event.

Hong Kong also observes Buddha Birthday Celebrations. Lord Buddha’s birthday is celebrated on the eighth day of the fourth moon in the lunar calendar. To be part of the celebrations, you can visit Buddhist temples and monasteries where the real celebrations, lantern lighting, and prayers are done.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival, a five-day lively traditional Chinese festival, takes place in the Cheung Chau Island every year. The people of Cheung Chau make costumes, bake buns, and build a huge bamboo tower. The festival takes place at the Pak Tai Temple.

Hong Kong Events in June:

Enjoy dragon races, parades, food stalls, and more at the Dragon Boat Festival held annually over three days in June.

In mid-June, the Chinese Opera Festival commences. You can watch Chinese opera films, symposiums, and exhibitions.

Hong Kong Events in July:

The month starts with Hong Kong’s July 1 Celebrations—the anniversary of “Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.” Flag-raising, parades, and cultural performances would be witnessed throughout Hong Kong.

If you love video games, comics, dressing up, and animation, then you must go to Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong.

At this event, you can take part in an international cosplay carnival, comic design competitions, live performances, and more.

Hong Kong in August:

Experience authentic Chinese culture at Hungry Ghost Festival on the fifteenth night of the seventh lunar month. Chinese believe that during this time, the restless spirits roam around the city. The locals burn incense and joss paper to appease the spirits.

The Hong Kong Food Expo is held five days in mid-August. More than nine hundred exhibitors showcase their culinary skills at this fair.

Hong Kong in September:

Also known as the Moon Cake Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. If you are in Hong Kong on this day, you will notice mooncakes everywhere in the city. Lantern carnivals and dance performances are held as festivities.

Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair—the world’s largest timepiece event showcases timepieces from international brands.

Hong Kong in October:

If you love tennis, then you must visit Hong Kong in October and witness the Hong Kong Tennis Open, a nine-day tennis tournament where international players come and play.

For food enthusiasts, Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival is a treat, where award-winning cuisine and spirits are served at the Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong in November:

Lan Kwai Fong Carnival is an annual weekend-long food festival that takes place in November and hosts food and art exhibitions. November is a treat for food lovers, where food is celebrated with music every Sunday throughout the month at World of Food and Music at Stanley.

Each year the Hong Kong Winter Fest kicks off in mid-November with a unique theme. The city gleams with colorful lights. The centerpiece at the Central’s Statue Square is the highlight of the fest.

Hong Kong in December:

Enjoy live entertainment with local and international music artists, thrill rides, and carnival games at The Great European Carnival, which starts from mid-December and runs till February.

Hong Kong Shopping Season is the longest shopping spree in Hong Kong, where branded and designer stores offer good deals on shopping. Enjoy The Christmas Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbour during Christmas.

Hong Kong Mega Show is the largest indoor carnival in Hong Kong that features exhibitions of cars, food, fashion, and more. The fair is held for several days during Christmas. Enjoy the thirty-first day of December at street carnivals (fireworks above the Victoria Harbour).

November to April is the best time to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. July through early September is the best time to shop in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is one of the most happening travel destinations in the world. The above information will help you make the most of this amazing city.