Croatia is a nation located at the crossroads of the Central and South-eastern side of Europe. It is situated on the Adriatic Sea and has borders of Slovenia to the north-western side of the country. Similarly, Hungary is located towards the north-eastern side of the country, Serbia to the eastern side, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro towards the south-eastern side, sharing the border with Italy.

According to a report, it states that about 18.5 million tourists visit Croatia every year. More than about 106 million people stay overnight within the country. As per these reports are concerned, there has been an increase in the number of tourists by 4 percent when compared to the 2017’s statistics.

Here are some of the best things that you can do within the country and must add to your bucket list if you are planning a trip to Croatia

1. Check out the UNESCO Heritage Sites in Croatia

Are you still wondering what to see in the Croatian country? Well, it’s a small country and covers an area of about 56,000 square kilometers. However, you will be shocked to know that there are about ten places that are listed as World Heritage sites in the UNESCO list.

If you want to explore these places, then you can check out the below list and plan your trip accordingly:


The Historical and a small town located in the central Adriatic coastal region of Croatia. It is considered to be a preserved old town and is known for its Renaissance, baroque, and some prominent Romanesque buildings. It is connected to the mainland from the small island by bridges. The Cathedral of St. Lawrence has houses that were built in the early 13th Century. You will have a great time exploring the best out of this place and get to know the history of it.


The oldest city of Croatia which located in the southern part of Croatia. It is known as the most former town in the country, encircled with substantial stone walls that were completed during the 16th Century. Some well-preserved buildings will give you Goosebumps when you visit those places. Don’t miss to see the history museum; otherwise, you will lose the best part of visiting Croatia.


The Stari Grad Plain and is an island located in Croatia. It is well known for its summer resort. The highlights of the town are it has walls that were built in the 13th Century and a hilltop fortress, that was also made during that time. It has a central square that is anchored by the Renaissance-era. The island has many beaches such as Dubovica, Inland lavender fields, and so on.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

It is a National Park that is spread across a 295-square-kilometer in the central region of Croatia. It is well known for the chain of about 16 lakes that are also joined by beautiful waterfalls. There are some essential walkways and hiking places across the water. An electric boat can take up to the twelve uppers and four lower lakes.


Where you will come across some of the best medieval tombstones and graveyards, this place has the border parts of Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia. Stecak or Stecci is the name of the monuments that were built during the medieval period and are spread across Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can visit the place to explore the history of Stecci and gain a lot of knowledge.


It is where the Cathedral street of James is located and is a small city that is located on the Adriatic Coastal region of Croatia. It is well known for its gateway to the islands named Kornati Islands.

The Cathedral of St. James’s stone was built in the 15th-century and had about 71 sculpted faces. The Sibenik City Museum, which is located nearby, was built in the 14th Century and was considered as a Prince’s Palace during that time. You can visit the place along with a guide to know more about the history of it.

The Palace of Diocletian

It is where you can witness the historical complex of the split. The Palace was built during the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian. It serves as the split between the old town of Croatia with the new city.

Venetian works of the Defense

That came into the picture during the 16th and 17th centuries. Stato da Terra or Stato da Mar is the denomination given by the UNESCO official to six defensive walls that were built during the time of the Republic of Venice on the domains of the mainland and the Domains of the Sea region. It was declared as the UNESCO heritage site in the year 1533.

The Episcopal Complex of Euphrasian Basilica

The historic place to visit in Croatia is located in the Istrian town of Porec. This complex that consists of the basilica itself is a sacristy and a baptistery, as well as has the bell tower in the nearby Palace of the archbishop. It is considered as the best example of the early Byzantine architecture that used to be designed in the Mediterranean region.

These places are opened all the time during the year; however, it’s the fall that makes this place much better to visit. Therefore, you can plan your trip accordingly and visit during the winter. You can spend a good couple of days exploring the beauty and history of the place. So, what are you waiting for? Just start booking your flight tickets much in advance to save some money.

2. Dive into the deep waters of Blue Lagoon

The wonders of the country are something that is not placed above the ground, but beneath the sea too! Don’t believe us? Then, when you are visiting Croatia, dive into the deep waters of Blue Lagoon and find out the history of Croatia all by yourself.

You will come across the biblical statues that are present under the water bodies, where you will have to dive in to see it.

This experience of diving into the sea is not the usual thing that you do every single day. This will enhance your thrilling experience of visiting Croatia to a significant extent. The statues are usually 9-18 meters high under the water, and you will come across exciting creatures when you are deep diving in the water.

The Blue Lagoon is the best spot to end your day as it is located in the most beautiful and exciting marine life-rich regions of the Adriatic. You can also chill for some time on the beach itself and then head to the Solta island, where you can take a sunbath.

It will cost you about 2000 Euros if you are opting for three days package, and would cost you about 120 Euros per person to buy tickets for touring inside the sea.

3. Sail in the waters

When the country consists of thousands of islands, then you cannot afford to miss such an excellent opportunity to sail through the islands in the water.

Croatia is considered amongst the wealthiest archipelagos across the world, and you have an excellent opportunity to explore the islands from where you can see the sunrise and sunset.

Spending quality time at sea is something that has been attracting tourists from different parts of the world for several years now. If you want to visit Croatia, then sail through the Korcula Islands, Hvar Islands, Brac Islands, Cres Islands, Krk Islands, and Mljet Islands.

You can also sail through the seas and lands by spending some time over the Adriatic Coast region that offers some exotic sceneries for you. You can visit this place during the summers and winters, which makes an ideal time for you to sail through the islands.

It would hardly cost within a price range of about 2,000 euros to about 3,000 euros for your complete trip per person.

4. Explore all the eight national parks of Croatia

Croatia has about eight national parks, amongst which one is listed in the UNESCO Geopark. You should plan your holidays in Croatia during the summers that will allow you to explore the best out of the city.

As you will be breathing in some fresh air, you can also see the crisp and beautiful sea mountains that this place has.

It would cost you about 1,500 euros per head to visit the national parks, where you can also see the famous lake, “Plitvice Lake.”

5. Walk into Tito’s tunnels

Have you ever walked into a secret tunnel? If no, then you must plan a trip to Croatia, where you can see the tunnels that are present in the Velebit Mountains. These tunnels came into existence during the early 1950s and were used as a secret passage for all the refugees when USSE had attacked Croatia.

It wouldn’t cost you more than 200 euros per head for the ticket prices. So, don’t miss the opportunity to have a unique experience of walking in the tunnels and have a great time during the trip.

Final Words

Croatia is a beautiful place that you must visit once in your lifetime. It is opened throughout the year for you, and you can take some time off from your hectic schedule to visit the country. If you want to explore all the places listed, then start saving the right amount of money from your salary starting today!