The land, water, and sky converge and diverge at the horizons, reflecting nature’s beauty. No wonder humans yearn to run to the beaches during their vacation to get a view of nature’s glory. Some like to capture the divine golden hours of the magical sunrises and sunsets, while others love to watch the sun rays reflecting off the water.

From basking under the sun to strolling on the sand dunes; beaches have something to offer for everyone. With more than 5,000 miles of coastline, Spain is filled with breathtaking beaches. The stunningly beautiful seashores will please every nature buff. The following are the 5 best beaches in Spain every ocean lover should visit.

1. La Concha Beach, San Sebastian – Happening

La Concha Beach is a popular urban beach that sits in the northeast of Spain. Golden sands, clear waters, and spectacular bay, La Concha Beach straight out of a dream. The calm and accessible waters will allow you to swim. You can paddle around the beach or sit and enjoy the sunsets during the golden hours.

The beach buzzes with people during weekends. Adventurous and entertaining activities are conducted at the bay of the beach. La Concha offers more than a typical beach vacation. If you are an adventurer, then you can do some beach activities. If not, you can walk around and watch the striking views. During nights, the water looks terrific under the light of the moon and the city.


La Concha is centrally located in San Sebastian. The beach is named Concha as it is located in a conch-shaped bay. Urgull and Igueldo mountains are situated on either side of the bay. As the beach is spacious, 1,350-metres long and 40-meters wide, it can accommodate large crowds.

La Concha is well-suited for swimming, sunbathing, walking along the coastline, and paddling. The green mountains, blue waters, and golden sands are a real joy to experience.

2. Playa del Silencio, Asturias – Tranquil

Nestled in the rugged region of Asturias in Spain, Playa del Silencio is bustling with people. The beach attracts tourists of all age groups and is perfect for the youth. Silver sands circled by rocky mountains and lucid waters, Playa del Silencio is a treat to the eyes.

The beach is not suited for swimming due to rocks jutting out of the water. But it is great for strolling. You need to hike to get to the beach, as it is hidden behind the cliffs. The hike itself will create an adrenaline rush in you. The journey to the beach and the view at the end of it are worth the effort.

The Tale and Useful Information

“Silencio” in the name Playa del Silencio means silence. The beach is tranquil. But each year, the crowd grows, and the beach no more secluded. However, the beauty of the beach remains unblemished. The water reflects the hues of sunlight during the golden hours. But the beach lacks basic amenities. So, if you can manage, then you will not regret your visit. The beauty of the beach will take away all your venting.

3. Playa Chica, Puerto del Carmen, Spain – Secret Corners

Playa Chica, also known as Pila de la Barilla, is one of the 5 best beaches in Spain. The beach is filled with families and surfers. You can revel in the beach and surf the tides. The beach is protected from strong winds and is best for relaxation. After sunbathing and surfing, you can have a delicious meal at one of the beachfront restaurants.

Bordered by natural formations of lava, Playa Chica has secret corners including the shrimp cave. You can even dive in the warm waters. The picturesque surroundings are Instagram worthy. You can get some incredible views of the north coast of Africa, too.

Nearby Things To Do

A quarter kilometer from Playa Chica is the Old Town Harbour. You can enjoy delicious food while watching the beach from the waterfront. If you want to go on a shopping spree after a day on the beach, you can visit the Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre. The mall has amusements, stores, and restaurants.

If you visit the beach on a Friday, you can catch the weekly market at Puerto Del Carmen in Lanzarote. You can shop authentic Canarian products, fruits, handmade crafts and more, from more than 100 stalls.

4. Playa de Los Lances, Tarifa, Spain – White Sand Paradise

Playa de Los Lances, a famous beach in Tarifa, Spain, forms 10 km of the northern side of Tarifa. The beach is backed onto Alcornocales, a natural park. The wild and rustic dunes, windy conditions and unspoiled beach make the place ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

You can surf the tides, swim in the sea, and sunbath on the beach. The beach is surrounded by a white sand paradise with natural pines. Also, the beach is well-equipped with amenities. Therefore, visitors need not give up their right to eat or right to relieve themselves and enjoy their time at the beach.

Pay Attention To The following

The north side of Playa de Los Lances has demarcated bathing and watersports zones. The south side is dedicated to bathing only. The beach attracts surfers from all over the world. You can take semi-private or private kitesurfing lessons. The wide beach has a broad walkway. You can catch the breathtaking sunset on the horizon. With eateries within the vicinity of the beach, Playa de Los Lances is a perfect beach picnic getaway. The long-stretched beach, clear waters and cool breeze make Playa de Los Lances a romantic beach destination.

5. Es Trenc, Mallorca, Balearic Islands – Quiet & Serene

Spain’s stunning beach Es Trenc is in Mallorca. The isolated beach is filled with golden sand dunes, surrounded by a lush pine forest, and kissed by shallow waters. Due to its turquoise waters, Es Trenc is often compared to the Caribbean beach. The beach is ideal for families as well as solo travelers.

Privacy is a major attraction of this beach. In spite of its wild and remote surroundings, Es Trenc is fully equipped with amenities. The temperature there is pleasant. The beach offers to paddle or snorkeling for adventurers.

Did You Know?

Es Trenc draws crowds of all age groups. The shallow and calm waters are the reason why visitors flock to this place. You can find rocky outcrops, sand dunes, pines, and shrubs on the beach. Children can build sandcastles and adults can go for snorkeling. You can stroll along the shore or simply sit and observe the natural beauty of the beach.

You can visit the salt shops and salt flats. But do check the timings before visiting, for availability. After the beach, you can go to Sa Rapita, a nearby village, where you can go boating or shopping or eat delicious food.

These 5 best beaches in Spain offer stunning natural sceneries and unparalleled beach experience. Attracting thousands of tourists every year, these beach destinations are famous around the world. The diverse coastline and impeccable weather conditions make Spain’s beaches suitable for beach lovers of all types. Catch the best stretches of sand, sun-soaked waters, and striking sceneries at these beaches of Spain.