Holidays are meant to be different from our healthy lifestyle. This is why we chose the location for holidays where there is a lot to discover.

If this holiday schedule is trigged to Madrid then here, we have a lot to share with you. Being situated in the central zone of Spain, Madrid has always been focused, and of course, it is the capital of Spain. 

The rich history of Madrid makes it more special. A city has been famous for its art culture and the royal history of Spain and is one of the famous cities in the world you can find people n0t only speaking in Spanish but also in French and English. One of the most discussed European cities is Madrid.

If you are visiting Madrid for the first time, then you must know about the famous neighborhoods and also the places to stay, visit, do parties, go shopping and finally go clubbing. 

Plan your holiday with packed up entertainment and factors which can bring you good memories. So here we go with the information on the famous neighborhoods of Madrid that can help you to enjoy your holiday.

#1. Austrias

You can say Austrias as the heart of Madrid because it is located in the central zone of Madrid. One of the oldest cities of Madrid which includes the remains of royal places, and history of Spain. 

The ancient building and the granitic streets are enough to grab your attention but wait there are more to know about Austrias.

Places to visit nearby

  • Plaza Mayor – A huge public space covered with cafes and clubs which is now a great place to enjoy your evening.
  • La Encarnacion Monastery – A monastery interned by women who belong to noble families. It was built by the order of Queen Margaret of Austria.
  • Plaza de villa – A beautiful historical monument which reflects the architecture of ancient Spain and holds the traces of the history of Spain.
  • Almundena Cathedral – A catholic church which was oriented by Pope John Paul II in the year 1993.
  • Café de Oriente – The basement vault of San de Convent is now transformed into this café which serves delicious Spanish food. 
  • Royal Palace – The residence of the royal family of Madrid is this Royal palace. Part of this palace is opened for visitors but there the state ceremonies are celebrated. If you are lucky enough you can be a part of the ceremonies. 

Best Hotels to stay in Austrias

  • Maltschacher Seewirt – 3-Star Hotel

Address – Maltschach 2, 9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten, Austria•+43 4277 2637.

  • Arion Cityhotel Vienna – 4-Star Hotel

Address – Hintschiggasse 1, 1100 Wien, Austria•+43 1 61497

  • Lenas West Hotel – 3-Star Hotel

Address – Wientalstraße 45, 1140 Wien, Austria•+43 1 4020000

  • Vienna Hostel Ruthensteiner – 2-Star Hotel

Address – Robert-Hamerling-Gasse 24, 1150 Wien, Austria•+43 1 8934202

# 2. Barrio de Las Letras

If you focus to the southeast corner of Madrid, then you will find Barrio de Las Letras. This neighborhood is known as the literature neighborhood because it is known that much popular literature of Spain used to stay in this neighborhood and this is why this city has a lot to show in terms of art, culture, and literature.

Places to visit nearby

  • Treato Espanol – A famous open-air theatre established in 1565. You can enjoy live shows and enjoy the essence of the theatre culture of Spain. 
  • Congress of Deputies – Spanish parliament building located in Madrid has a lot to showcase you. The architecture of the building and the political history of Spain. 
  • Madrid Anthaenum – A place to raise any event of knowledge. Though it is public property it is open for the public to organize debates, educational exhibitions and much more.
  • Lope de Vega House Museum – House of a former write Lope de Vega but now it is converted to a writer’s museum where you can enjoy stories about famous writers and also see some of their works.
  • Medialab Prado – A city citizen library and the house of art and culture of Madrid. you will be able to see the glimpse of Spanish history. Now there also public gatherings like meetings conferences are allowed to organize. 
  • Caixaforum – A museum which is located in the cultural center that is Paseo del Prado. This place is famous for keeping the objects which reflect the Spanish culture that used to be followed in Madrid zone.

Best Hotels to stay in Barrio de Las Letras

  • Room007 Ventura Hostel – 2- Star Hostel

Address – Calle de Ventura de la Vega, 5, 28014 Madrid, Spain•+34 914 20 44 81

  • International Youth Hostel La Posada de Huertas – 2-Star Hotel

Address – Calle de las Huertas, 21, 28014 Madrid, Spain•+34 914 29 55 26

  • Hotel One Shot Prado 23 – 3-Star Hotel

Address – Calle del Prado, 23, 28014 Madrid, Spain•+34 914 20 40 01

  • Hostal Madrid Centro – 2-Star Hotel

Address – Carrera de S. Jerónimo, 32, 28014 Madrid, Spain•+34 914 29 68 13

#3. Barrio de Salamanca

Keeping eyes away from central Madrid you can find Barrio de Salamanca located in the northeastern zone of Madrid. The city is known for its luxurious lifestyle that people carry. If you want to feel more luxurious in your tour to Madrid, then you must stay in Barrio de Salamanca. This place is famous for its luxury stores and nightlife.

Best places to visit

  • National Archaeological Museum – The national archaeological museum which is situated in Serrano Street and the build is shared with national library of Madrid. you can see some archaeological artifacts over there. 
  • Lazaro Galdiano Foundation Museum – This museum of Austrias has the collection art of great artist Jose Lazaro Galdiano. An art lover will find their piece of interest here. 
  • Juan March Foundation – A place devoted to art and music. It was built in 1955 by Juan March Ordinance. A place where exhibitions, fares, concerts are allowed to happen. To find something nor regular you can visit here.
  • Carlos de Amberes Foundation – A public place where exhibitions, concerts, and such public events keep going on. Get the tickets for the concert to enjoy amazing Spanish music. 
  • WiZink Centre – A indoor sporting area which is open for both basketball and concerts. So, you can enjoy both factors of entertainment over here.

Best Hotels to stay in Barrio de Salamanca

  • Hotel Suites Barrio De Salamanca – 4-Star Hotel

Address – Calle del Gral Oraá, 17, 28006 Madrid, Spain•+34 918 25 59 00

  • VP El Madroño – 3-Star Hotel

Address – Calle del General Díaz Porlier, 101, 28006 Madrid, Spain•+34 915 62 52 92

  • H10 Puerta de Alcalá – 4-Star Hotel

Address – Calle de Alcalá, 66, 28009 Madrid, Spain•+34 914 35 10 60

  • Aparthotel Quo Eraso– 3-Star Hotel

Address – Calle Ardemans, 13, 28028 Madrid, Spain•+34 913 55 32 00

Bottom line

Madrid welcomes you by offering a lot you only need to find the right places and things to do for you to make your trip an excellent memory. Somewhere in the touch of history and somewhere art pleases you. You can see the old heritage part of the city and there is also the sequin luxuries zone of the city. Pack your bags for Madrid trip and consider the suggestions mentioned above.