Switzerland lies at the heart of Europe. Geographically, it may not be the core of entire Europe – but culturally, it surely lies at the confluence of some of the most important countries on the Old Continent.

Without a doubt, Switzerland is alpine heaven – but what are some of the very best places to visit while there?

We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

1. Jungfrau

If you are looking for that idyllic Swiss location you have probably seen in several photos before, then this is it. The lovely mountain view is a real joy for the eye and for the soul. And if you want to see something truly spectacular, the Jungfrau Ice Palace is something you don’t want to miss out on!

The Palace will be easy to find, as it is one of the main attractions not only in Jungfrau but around the entirety of Switzerland too. Also dubbed as the “top of Europe”, this place is bound to steal your heart forever.

A trip from Zurich to Jungfrau might cost a lot – but it will be the adventure of a lifetime. It really does feel like sitting on top of Europe, and when you have a Lindt chocolate shop to go at the end of the day, it will truly feel like the best day of your life!

2. The Chillon Castle

Located on Lake Geneva, the Chillon Castle is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Switzerland. This dreamland castle will make you feel as if you have just walked into a fairy tale of an old story. There’s nothing not to love about it – the view is spectacular and the castle itself is a cultural experience in its own right.

Tickets here cost approximately 12 Euros and the castle is open for visiting.

The tour will take about one hour, the time in which you will discover some of the most important and memorable parts of the castle. Furthermore, do keep in mind that the castle is open from 9 am to 7 pm from April until September, until 6 pm in October, and until 5 pm from November to April.

3. Lake Lucerne

If you are searching for a pretty place for your own relaxation, Lake Lucerne is where you should go. This beautiful village boasts of greenery and beautiful nature abounds every single inch of the way. ‘

The best thing to do here? Take a boat trip on Lucerne and soak in the spectacular landscape. It’s hard to imagine a place more tranquil and more relaxing than this.

Prices here will vary according to what type of accommodation you want – but, as with everything else in Switzerland, you should probably prepare a pretty good budget ahead. It will allow you to bask in the splendor of the Swiss Alps and everything they have to offer to their curious tourists.

4. The Glacier Express

Fancy the train ride of a lifetime?

The Glacier Express is more than a train ride – it’s an experience, the kind you will never be able to forget, precisely because of the way it transverses the Alps with grace. The ride starts at Zermatt and it ends at the Chur railway station.

The train moves straight through the center of Switzerland and it rides one time/ day every day during wintertime.

There are two types of tickets you can choose from 1st Class and 2nd Class. The prices range from 66 Euros and they go upwards of several hundreds of Euros or more, depending on the section you want to travel, the level of luxury you want to enjoy, and whether or not you want to have a meal on the train.

Furthermore, do keep in mind that you will have the option of a restaurant car and a scenic one, so you can choose which type of experience suits you best.

5. Geneva

Although it definitely is a mountain paradise, Switzerland has its fair share of amazing, breathtaking cities as well.

Geneva is one of them.

Mostly associated with the Geneva Institute, which has been known to make some pretty amazing discoveries, Geneva is a cradle of culture, taste, and elegance at the same time too.

We strongly recommend you to stop by, take a walk, eat some Swiss chocolate, and bask in the beauty of this place. Don’t forget to stop by the Geneva Fountain as well – it is a really stunning sight regardless of what type of traveler you may be!

6. Monch

Rocky, icy, and spectacular – these would be three of the best words to use when describing the true wonder of nature that lies in Monch.

Located in the Bernese Alps at more than 4,000 meters above sea level, Monch will stick to your memory like nothing else. It’s haunting rocks and the beauty of nature will create a completely unique experience to you.

As with most natural landscapes of such grandeur, it is easy to see why they are so popular, so beautiful, so irreversibly memorable. There’s just no way you won’t love it!

7. Aare

If you want to get a taste of everything Switzerland excels at in terms of tourism, go to Aare. It has everything you might want: epic scenery, stunning beauties, bears, canyons, and even rafting options. With the river flowing straight through the small town, with the picture-perfect houses and the lovely ambiance, this place is the kind that is truly fitted for everyone.

From those who enjoy history and culture to those who might like the views or those who want to see real glaciers in real-time, there’s something for everyone here – even for those who are looking for a touch of adventure.

As for the food, well, let’s just say there is no way in the world it can disappoint you in any way. These people will make your vacation feel like a dream come true in every respect!

Switzerland is not even by far a cheap destination. But it is the kind of place where every single penny pays off. It’s impossible not to love its mountains and its glaciers, its lakes and its little chocolate shops are hidden in mountain villages. It’s hard not to see just how picture-perfect your entire trip through the beauties of the Swiss Alps and Swiss cities will be.

From those curious about science to those history buffs, from those who want to hike and discover the world from the top of Europe; for those who want to eat, relax and enjoy themselves; for those who like winter sports – for everyone.

Everyone loves Switzerland – and for all the good reasons. The scenery is epic, the vibes are amazing, and the feeling of luxuriousness will not cease to amaze and bewilder you. There’s nothing like the Swiss Alps – you might visit a thousand and one locations and still come to this one as your main oasis of grace, elegance, opulence, and naturalness at their very finest.

Switzerland is truly a picturesque playground in Europe. With its splendid territories and attractions, this country will steal your heart and never give it back again – you will want to come back again, and again, and yet another time!